About Birdhouse…

Birdhouse is a start-up accelerator. This means that we create unfair advantages for start-ups resulting in unparallelled growth opportunities. Therefore, we (will) have several offerings towards start-ups: an accelerator program, multiple vertical programs, Birdhouse Masterclasses (on finance, marketing, talent). 

At Birdhouse start-ups work under intensive guidance on explosive growth. For instance, they gain access to expertise, capital and the most valuable network. Their teams will be strengthened by our passionate mentors and advisors. Together with the Birdhouse team, a personalized and tailor-made program will be set to realize the start-up’s ambitions in four months. 

Job description

The Role/ What does the job involve?

During the various Birdhouse Accelerator programs, you guide and support start-ups towards growth. Together with the ‘Product & Operations team’ you are involved in both the set-up and the execution of the general and vertical programs. 

As the start-up success manager, you are the go-to person for the start-ups for accelerator and business related topics. You will guide founders through the accelerator program and your key focus is to drive value for start-ups based on clearly defined goals. 

Success for this role is defined by start-ups and founders deriving consistent value from the accelerator program and the impressive Birdhouse network, resulting in diverse growth opportunities for these start-ups. Therefore, you will need and sharpen your business/start-up acumen. In addition, you will build a strong internal and external network, partnering and collaborating with internal and external partners to ensure the start-ups/founders receive the best in class guidance and support. 

Just a few of the responsibilities: 

During the accelerator programs, (1) you guide start-ups towards optimal growth and (2) you are responsible for the content and the quality of the program:  

  • You have affinity with all ins and outs of running a start-up business. Based on this knowledge and experience you guide start-ups and founders in realizing their milestones, using all Birdhouse offerings (Birdhouse Network of mentors, experts and advisors, content trajectories, service partners,…)
  • You detect and understand the needs and questions of the start-ups at regular intervals during the program and take the necessary steps to cater to these needs. 
  • You can make a difference in difficult situations at a start-up by advising them and putting them in contact with the right experts and advisors. 
  • You keep in touch with the Birdhouse mentors and advisors about the experience and the progress of the start-ups during the accelerator program. 
  • You are involved in setting up a well-founded program that meets the needs of start-ups entering the accelerator program. The program consists of a general and a tailored part. You manage this from concept to execution. 
  • You can adjust the program both in terms of content and organization based on the feedback you receive. 
  • You are in contact with various experts within our network who can advise you on the requirements of an accelerator program. 
  • You facilitate the program events, in close collaboration with your colleagues for the organizational aspect. 


What makes you the perfect candidate?

  • You have at least 3 years of experience with all ins and outs of a running a start-up business, either by working in a start-up or by guiding start-ups. 
  • Knowledge about raising capital and financing for start-ups is a plus!
  • You have experience with mentoring and coaching (start-up) entrepreneurs, both on a personal and business level. 
  • You have proven project management skills, including performance management, planning, prioritization, objective setting, meeting management and execution.
  • You are a smooth networker and are not afraid to leverage on the knowledge and experience from the Birdhouse network, in order to drive value for both the start-ups and for Birdhouse itself. 
  • You have the ability to energize, engage and guide meetings, workshops and other sessions smoothly. 

Next to this, we require: 

  • Fluent in Dutch and English – Entrepreneurial and start-up language is at least as important
  • Teamwork is your energizer. Our small team has one mission: creating unfair advantages for start-ups resulting in unparalleled growth opportunities. 
  • You get things done. We have big ambitions and love to move forward. All colleagues take ownership and do what it takes to achieve our goals. 
  • You love to work in a flexible and changing environment. Birdhouse is a growing organization, this comes with a lot of opportunities and requires a flexible attitude from all colleagues. 

What can you expect?

  • An exciting range of tasks with a lot of variety. The opportunity to make impact for both Birdhouse and the start-up community. 
  • A dynamic team, building the strongest start-up accelerator. 
  • A pleasant and informal working atmosphere. 
  • An open and transparent working environment
  • A priceless network of strong mentors, entrepreneurs, experts and advisors. 
  • An Apple package, internet and mobile phone fee
  • A training budget you can spend freely
  • We are young and dynamic, we work with flexible hours and remote work is possible. Both will be discussed openly and transparently with the team. 
  • A 40-hour week, which means that in addition to the 20 days statutory holidays, you are entitled to 12 extra days. 


Give us a shout via apply@gobirdhouse.com !