With half a billion users worldwide, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network where you can put your start-up on the map. The platform offers many opportunities to share information and knowledge with your network and to promote your product or service. So what are you waiting for? We zoom in on a few features that allow you to put your start-up in the spotlight on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile, your personal business card

First of all, your LinkedIn profile is the perfect
place to show what you can do as an entrepreneur, but also who you are. It is
more than your resume so make sure your personality comes through here as well.
is coming. To avoid missing out on opportunities, it is important that your profile is public.
So be sure to check which sections are visible to people who are still
are not connected to you.

1. Be clear

Avoid abstract job titles such as Project
Meanie, Crayon Evangelist or Chief Amazement Officer. They sound awful.
nice, but what do they mean exactly? Keep in mind that other
professionals sometimes dare to use the search function of LinkedIn to look for
the right people for a particular job or collaboration. Project Manager,
Graphic Designer or Copywriter have a little less bells and whistles to them.
but they are crystal clear.

2. Write deliberately

If you still like to play with language, you can
indulge in the short description that appears at the top of your profile. Here
you briefly say who you are and what you do, but also why you’re so good at it.
are. Also add your contact details (e-mail and/or phone number)
so people can contact you right away.

Avoid a boring text full of spelling mistakes and dare to show your creativity. Keep in mind that LinkedIn also indexes this text and your choice of words determines whether or not your profile appears in the results of a specific search. Incorporate the most relevant keywords in your description and make sure that potential customers and partners find you. Even with your skills, expertise and other headings, you do well to weigh your words.

3. The power of references

Are you looking for a partner for your start-up,
your first employee or an outside expert? Then you most likely have his
Checkedreferences or polled within your network at common
connections to the experience. But the reverse also happens! Word of mouth
advertising and personal recommendations still have the biggest
persuasiveness. Positive references on your LinkedIn profile are therefore
an absolute added value.

After you have completed all (required) sections
it’s time to ask your network on LinkedIn about the possibilities.
references. Of course, a spontaneous recommendation is more fun, but then you would have to
a long time to wait. Send a personal email to people you
have worked together and just dare to ask. Don’t write to everyone, but
Think carefully about your choice. You do want their recommendation to be relevant and
is positive?

Does anyone write a positive recommendation about
your professional approach or a partnership? Then be courteous and take the
time to return a reference.

4. Share personal tips and advice

Because LinkedIn is a professional network,
People often go here to seek advice from experts. Offer your
, share a golden tip or answer questions. If you give people useful information
grants, they will quickly view you as an expert in your field. They will
I’ll also respond much faster to your questions or calls, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

In addition to sharing your knowledge, you can give people
also help byputting them in touch with each other. Is someone inside your
network looking for an expert and you know the right person? Introduce them
and who knows, maybe one day they’ll give you the introduction you’ve been waiting for.
start-up story a boost. Or is there someone you know looking for a
job and you just saw an interesting vacancy within your network? It is
a small effort to recommend this person. The principle
sharing is

applies once again on LinkedIn.

5. Publish integrally on LinkedIn

Why only share engaging articles when you can
you can write yourself? With an original article you show that you are passionate about your work.
are through your profession and speak with knowledge. Via the Publishing
you can now share long(er) blog posts integrally on LinkedIn.
A smart move if you know that the platform has now reached half a million shares worldwide.
billion users. Last year’s headline in De Tijd was “Three million Belgians network on LinkedIn“,
A nice number of Belgian professionals to share your vision with.

Do you have a professional blog as an entrepreneur or business? Then publish every blog post completely on LinkedIn as well and reach more people in one fell swoop. Don’t forget to add hashtags so people, who are looking for a certain topic, can find your article more easily within LinkedIn.

7. Connect with the right people

Do not send connection requests at random.
Nothing more annoying than strangers who want to connect with you without explanation.
But as a start-up, mentors and experts within your network are just a big
trump. Would you like to add someone you haven’t met in person yet?
to your network? When making the request, please explain who you are and what your expectations are.
are. And above all, be polite. This is your first impression so you better think twice
think about your introduction.

The importance of a company page

Does your start-up, company or organisation still have
no company page? Then schedule a time now to get this on point. A
business page is the ideal place to connect with potential
customers and partners

1. Build a relationship with your target audience

Via company updates and articles you share your
knowledge and show that your company is an expert in the field. Share your
on the latest developments within the sector and clearly state which
solutions your company offers. Whether you offer a product or service, people
want to know how you can help them.

Thanks to the Showcase Page option, you can even
highlight a specific product, product group or service. A company page
Gives you the space to interact with your target audience and forms
maybe the first step of a long-term relationship.

Plus, you can easily boost updates
through the advertising tool and reach people who do not (yet) have your company page
follow. As a company, you can also place specific ads aimed at brand awareness
or set up clicks to your website. This is not possible with a personal

2. Long live analytics

As the admin of your company page, you have access to a lot of statistics. Which posts and articles received the most views and which did not score as well? Gain insight into the demographics of your followers, the number of page views, unique visitors and clicks on your possible vacancy page within LinkedIn. Based on this, you can adjust your content strategy for LinkedIn and be more targeted when creating new posts and articles.

Ready. Set. Go.

Got a desire to start-up
Conquer LinkedIn? All right!
LinkedIn is definitely worth investing time and energy in as a start-up.
invest. Not only can you make your own
showcase talent and vision and build your personal network but
also give your start-up a boost. Want to know more? Then be sure to read the articles below. Good luck!

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This blogpost was written by Katrien Meermans from Stille Bliksem. Katrien has a background in copywriting (Dutch + English), graphic design and digital project management. This unique combination makes her the perfect sparring partner for shaping and sharing your story online.