If you have an entrepreneur in your life, then you’ve known for a long time that you’re dealing with a picky person. Whether it’s your partner, a friend, your brother, daughter or co-founder, it’s best to leave the classic gifts behind. So what can you do to please an entrepreneur? With gifts they can use in their entrepreneurial adventure of course!

On a budget: gift ideas under 10 euros

1. Unique coffee bag

What does an entrepreneur need to be able to concentrate for a whole day? Coffee! The kitchen service in the average co-working space is usually not that spectacular. That’s why an original bag for the office is always a good idea. Donating a coffee bag for someone’s home is risky, because it may not match the rest of the dinnerware. It doesn’t matter as much at the office, where people are more likely to have a colourful jumble of bags. If you want something extra, personalise this bag by putting his or her name on it.

2. A desk plant

Hop into the nearest garden center and pick out a nice green. Our tip: choose a plant that doesn’t need too much care, such as a cactus or a succulent. This way you can be sure that your gift recipient will enjoy the plant and its company for a long time. It is proven: plants help against stress!

3. Laptop holder for next to nothing

Secret santa budget at the office rather limited this year? Purchase this bargain-priced laptop holder from IKEA. In this way, you contribute directly to his or her sitting posture. An ergonomic posture is extremely important, especially when one spends at least 8 hours a day at a desk! Setting the computer screen at the right height saves neck pain, headaches and even cold hands.

If you want more: gift ideas up to 30 euros

4. Entrepreneur Books

Pleasant to relax, ideal for learning and the perfect gift idea at any time of year. Book it! We list here some classics that are a nice surplus value in the bookcase of every entrepreneur:

5. Notebooks from Moleskine

You have to be able to write down a stroke of genius right away. Preferably in a personal notebook of course. Moleskine notebooks have been a favorite for years. Or even more convenient: a Moleskine Evernote notebook, for those who curse at scanning their ideas afterwards. The Moleskin Evernote booklets are fully optimized for this. How? With smart stickers applied to the page, notes are automatically tagged and sorted in the online Evernote account. The dot pattern on the pages ensures that photos are scanned straight and clear.

6. A drinking can

It is important to stay well hydrated! Many people do not drink enough water throughout the day. A stylish water bottle (from Dopper, Drip drip or 24Bottles for example) can ensure that your water consumption increases considerably in a short period of time.

7. Comfortable office slippers

There is no shame in wanting to work comfortably. Office slippers can ensure that he or she can work relaxed for the rest of the day. The strange looks usually disappear after about seven weeks 😉 .

8. Cards Against Humanity

Being an entrepreneur also means having fun from time to time, which is possible with Cards Against Humanity. They are not only a nice gift to brighten up the short lunch breaks, they can be used to do something different during moments of intense stress.

A bigger budget: gift ideas up to 75 euros

9. Blinkist app

When finding time to read doesn’t seem so obvious, the Blinkist app is an ideal gift. Blinkist collects the most popular books and summarizes them in a short podcast or short read. An annual subscription costs about 50 euros. Great price to learn and relax, for a whole year!

10. Ergonomic chair bike

A chair bike may not ring immediate bells, but maybe a desk pedal or desk cycle will? These are small bicycle-like objects that one puts under his or her desk to keep moving throughout the day. Just as some people like to smash beer mats during engaging conversation at a bar, some entrepreneurs become more productive when they can move.

11. City gift vouchers from Unigift

Are you dealing with an avid shopper? Then Unigift ‘s gift vouchers are the ideal present! You can buy a voucher of Antwerp, Ghent or Bruges for your entrepreneur/entrepreneur. The name speaks for itself: with the voucher you can go shopping in a wide selection of shops in one of the three cities.

Big spender: tips from € 75 to € 100

12. Ostrichpillow

The Ostrich pillow is the somewhat bizarre looking thing that people put on their heads to take a power nap at the desk. All you have to do is stick his hands in the sides, and voila! All ready to recharge his or her batteries.

13. Coffee machine for the office

Because instant coffee from a vending machine just doesn’t cut it. Coffee machines come in all colours and sizes, with plenty of choice in terms of model and budget. Keep in mind that cheap appliances often require more expensive coffee capsules or pads, and vice versa.

Luxury gift ideas from €100

14. Roomba

Entrepreneurs often don’t find the time to clean up properly. Therefore, a robot vacuum cleaner is an ideal gift for people who have housekeeping last on their to-do list. An extra plus: they are sociable office companions, provide the necessary distraction and you can give them a name.

15. Plan your business with LivePlan

A coveted software package for many start-ups: with LivePlan you plan your business from a to z in a clear interface. A Christmas gift that will save someone a lot of headaches and time!

Still not enough inspiration? Then go for the classic solution of a gift voucher. On Kadonation you can put together a voucher which can be spent at an extensive list of online shops. There is bound to be something that suits the person you want to please. Good luck with it!