Birdhouse is launching the Finance Masterclass in mid-January. The video lessons range from the financial management of your own business to raising external capital. Sentiance CFO Vincent Jocquet’s first lesson is now available for free.

Vincent Jocquet explains during his first Birdhouse Masterclass in the module Finance Masterclass.

By offering the first lesson for free, we want to give you a preview of what you can expect during the full Finance Masterclass. You can see how the lessons are structured, what animations are used and you get nice, clear pancartes to convey the story clearly.

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In the first topic Vincent Jocquet explains how best to draw up a financial or business plan: “Such a plan consists of three schedules: the profit and loss account, cash flow forecast and balance sheet. It is best to design it on a monthly basis, because that will give you the best prediction for the future. Also plan three years ahead for possible investors, grants or to take out a bank loan.”

Technical jargon simply explained

There’s a lot of financial jargon like income statement, cash burn, runway and assets, but don’t let that scare you off. Our speakers explain everything in detail, supported by clear charts and practical, applied examples.

Vincent Jocquet explains something during his Finance Masterclass at Birdhouse Masterclass.
Vincent Jocquet explains the capital distribution of a company.

Another example is net working capital. “That can cause you to receive more money from customers before you start spending it, or to have to spend more before you start receiving money,” Vincent says.

Practical examples

He illustrates this with a well-known example: “There is the Starbucks loyalty card, for example, where customers put money down in advance in exchange for other benefits. In this way Starbucks gets 1.6 billion euros in funds with which they can pay off their suppliers in advance.”

Vincent and the other speakers will also give a lot of practical tips that will undoubtedly help you further with the development of your start-up.

This video lesson by Vincent is just an intro to the full Finance Masterclass. The Masterclass is packed with interesting speakers covering a wide range of topics. It is therefore an interesting Masterclass for both beginners and advanced students.

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