You can think of a mentor at Birdhouse as a temporary extra founder. They work hard to grow your start-up and open up their network to you. Through their years of experience, they know better than anyone what it takes to grow! Discover some of our mentors who are now actively building our start-ups.

Each mentor is carefully matched to a start-up. The personal preferences and challenges of each start-up and the experience of the mentor are taken into account, but also whether there is a personal click. You will meet some of the mentors during the selection process, but we also organize interviews where you can get to know all the mentors better.

Currently, 24 mentors have been paired with the 16 start-ups currently in the program. We briefly introduce four of them here:

Hans Smellinckx – mentor Adunio

With over 20 years of experience in business transformations (digital and non-digital) in the field of sales & marketing, Hans is one of the leading intrapreneurs. His passion is to see companies grow by using and developing the hidden potential of teams.

He has worked in the past for numerous national and international companies such as IKEA, Coca-Cola, Würth, Robert Half International, Thomas Cook Group, etc. He is currently active as Director of Marketing & Communications at Agilitas Group. Now he accompanies start-up Adunio.

Katrien Lindemas – mentor carjack

Katrien Lindemans has extensive experience thanks to her roles as M&A lawyer and now as Legal Director at Johnson & Johnson Medical. She knows the business model and risk profile of different sectors and likes change and risk.

What can she help a start-up with? Problem analysis, commercialization models, risk analysis, IP and data strategy, etc. Meanwhile, she helps start-up carjack grow.

Wannes Wylin – mentor Laundrio

Wannes Wylin is a fan of sustainable business. Together with his brother and brother-in-law, he built up EcoPuur, a company with around 40 employees. After integrating EcoPuur into the Durabrik group, he began a new challenge as a freelance Energy Consultant at Wattson. Wattson scans, develops, finances, realises and manages energy saving projects for larger buildings.

In a start-up, Wannes searches for an approach, product or service that results in both a social and an economic profit. This time he accompanies start-up Laundrio.

Nicole Berx – mentor The Cheese Connoisseur

Nicole Berx is co-founder of The House of Marketing and currently a PhD researcher at KU Leuven. While at The House of Marketing, Nicole developed a keen interest in big data & data science and artificial intelligence. This passion prompted her to make a career switch and start a PhD program.

Prior to setting up The House of Marketing, Nicole gained years of experience at the marketing departments of various FMCG brands. Her skills as an experienced coach combined with her track record in business, are a huge added value for a start-up. This cohort she is a mentor for The Cheese Connoisseur.

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