By participating in our accelerator you will take big steps with your start-up. You will be intensively coached by our passionate mentors and advisors, get in touch with the right investors and learn essential skills during our workshops. All with one goal: explosive growth!

Below are some of the conditions for your funding that you should keep in mind:

Costs and investments

The cost of our accelerator program is €35,000, excluding VAT. Our partner Belfius will cover the entire cost* by investing this amount in your start-up! So this whole process costs nothing to your start-up.

Shares and investment right

In exchange for covering program costs, Belfius will receive 3% shares in your start-up. In addition, Belfius will receive a one-off 10% investment right in your next capital round. Our mentor group will also receive 10% investment rights.

The investment right means that Belfius and the mentoring group can co-invest in your next capital round up to the percentages mentioned. This is on the same terms as for other investors; there are therefore no discounts or preferential terms. The investment right is only valid for the next capital round during or after the program. After this the right expires.

€50,000 funding for your start-up

If you are selected to participate in our accelerator you will be eligible for a Bullet loan of 50K from Belfius. Naturally, Belfius will do a financial check-up before approving this Bullet Loan. Often a question of formalities when you know that 95% of the start-ups that apply for the loan actually obtain it.

The Bullet Loan has a very advantageous interest rate of only 1.1% and you only have to repay the capital after 3 years. You do not have to provide a personal guarantee for this. Only a PMV guarantee is required. The cost of a PMV guarantee is €1,125 and you pay it with your Bullet Loan.

There is a possibility of converting the loan into capital at the end of the term or at the next capital round. This is only possible if both parties, Belfius and the start-up, agree.

Of course, at Birdhouse we don’t leave you to your own devices. During this decision process we will help you where necessary and you can always count on advice from our experts.

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*Only the VAT of €7,350 you pay yourself, but you simply reclaim it later. Don’t have this amount in your account? No worries, you can use the Bullet Loan for that.