You’ve probably seen some appear here and there, but there are undoubtedly some that you don’t know about! We’d like to introduce you to the new start-ups that have just started their second week at The Birdhouse. You already read in a previous blog what is on the program of the entrepreneurs, but where do they come from? What sectors are they in? What are they doing? We are pleased to present our fall 2017 start-ups!


We’ll take it alphabetically for convenience and start with BeerSelect. Bert, Kasper, Miel and Wout are four Ghent student-entrepreneurs who could no longer hide their passion for character beers. This young start-up wants to put the best of the Belgian beer world in the spotlight with their platform. They do this through a web shop that sells tasting packs and gift baskets filled with regional beers from local breweries. BeerSelect is very much into food pairing, which they emphasise by distributing the free magazine Hoppy Times every season. The Birdhouse is still waiting for the first sample of regional beers. BeerSelect mentors Christophe Kochuyt and Nicole Berx undoubtedly will too.


As we had last edition Draw that stood out in terms of creativity in its physical form, this edition we have Creatool; a start-up that provides educational kits to schools. The Creatool box consists of a number of fixed building pieces with didactic activity sheets. Do you prefer to build something yourself? Just as well, because the Creatool wheels, sticks and planks can be assembled in a hundred and one different ways. Peter, the man behind the start-up, stimulates technical insight by putting children to work creatively. But workshops with adults have also produced surprising results. And we saw it with our own eyes, when Peter planted a Creatoolkit in the middle of the room during his pitch on the first day. Mentors who help build the story of Creatool, literally and figuratively: Wannes Wylin and Michiel Vanderheyden.

Cycle Valley

Why only offer company cars when you can do it ecologically and sustainably? For happy mobile solutions Cycle Valley is the place to be. The duo behind the start-up, Nathalie and Wim, supply electric bikes to companies of all sizes. Their mentors at The Birdhouse are Pol Vanbiervliet, Bruno D’Hulster and Dirk De Wulf. Under the motto “you the bike, we the worries” Cycle Valley takes care of all the inconveniences: from 24/7 breakdown assistance to on-site maintenance and insurance. Healthier employees and a positive impact on the environment; we are clearly talking about do-gooders here.


The self-proclaimed Daltons from Daltix (a.k.a. Jonas and Jan) don’t just collect data from different webshops, they go one step further. Such a nice logo you say? Yes, we do.

The hummingbird symbolizes Daltix’s helicopter view of the e-commerce market, combined with their flexibility and agility to respond. Whether your business revolves around tools, tablets or tomatoes, Daltix guarantees peace-of-mind for every supplier and retailer. From pricing to promotions, the data cowboys at Daltix gather everything you need to make the best strategic decisions. Mentors Tim Duhamel and Wouter Neirinck in turn is ready to help with Daltix’s strategic decisions.


The next start-up will leave the cloud behind and focus entirely on the physical. Entusia develops and sells specially designed underwear for people with urine leakage. Why go for unpleasant panty liners that you have to throw away every time, when you can go for beautifully designed and comfortable underwear? Hans Versmissen, the brain behind Entusia, believes it is important that people with leaking urine can also choose a discreet and stylish alternative. Is this a way of making urine loss more open to discussion? You got it! Especially with the help of mentors Joëlle Frijters and Harry Demey.


Hive makes the life of every manufacturer, representative and salesman significantly easier. They do this by offering a product configurator that has thought of everything. Generating 3D models and concluding with a ready-to-use price quotation? All possible. The manufacturers can in turn offer this configurator to their distributors and installers. An e-business platform that seamlessly connects suppliers and customers. Entrepreneurs Frederik Taleman and Stijn Maenhaut are assisted by mentors Bart De Waele and Guy Wollaert.


Edgar Warmoes, Pieter-Jan Van Aken and Thomas Van Roy have developed Jureca: a digital platform that allows you to find the lawyer best suited for your needs. The start-up, coached by mentors Jeroen De Man and Cedric Bouckaert, thus fulfils a kind of matchmaker role between lawyers and those seeking justice. Divorce, rent, criminal law or inheritance? Jureca functions as a kind of forum where you can leave your questions in order to find the right lawyer. In this way, the platform acts as a legal guide in the complex legal landscape. It is where people seeking justice find answers, and lawyers find potential clients. A win-win for both parties!


When you work with big players like Key Music and Bax-Shop, you know you’re doing good. MusiCasa is a Creative Music Institute, founded by Andy De Greve. It focuses on all kinds of musical training, from production techniques to everything about recording equipment and DJ’ing. MusiCasa is based on a unique concept. Andy has everything to teach music: the skills, the equipment and the recording space. But unfortunately also only 24 hours in one day. That’s why he decided to make MusiCasa a scalable project: he offers training for DJs and music producers, in the form of an online platform and ready-made packages that can be used anywhere in the world. In this way, he is the ideal matchmaker between empty recording studios, music teachers and aspiring musicians. The mentors who also contribute to the story of MusiCasa are Gert Van de Vijver and Maarten Michielssens.


We all know what a pain it is to schedule meetings at a time that works for all parties. The guys at Plann3r realized this all too well, and that’s why Cédric, Nicholas and Ruben developed a tool that makes all this much easier. The three-man start-up is coached by three mentors: Hilde Peerlings, Werner De Wolf and Wilfried Van Assche. The interface and working method of Plann3r is so simple that it almost needs no explanation. You enter the email address of the person you want to see, he or she accepts your invite, and Plann3r lays out your schedules and suggests some solutions. Great, right?

SET Travel

Haven’t seenSET Travel passing by in your feed yet? Then you’re one of the few. How could it be otherwise with such a professional promo video that makes you dream? Elaha Rafie, founder of SET, has been passionate about travel since a young age, so she already has some experience with the typical issues that come with travelling around. To name but a few: you can’t capture beautiful moments anymore because the battery of your smartphone is flat. Or worse: your wallet gets stolen. This experience has led Elaha to actively search for the perfect solution. SET developed Numi, a backpack with a solar panel and an external battery for charging your mobile phone, which is also extra secured against theft. With a variety of handy compartments for your most important travel gear, this smartpack is the perfect travel companion. SET Travel can count on the support of mentors Ann Galland, Erwin Jansen and Christophe Degrez.


The next start-up in international spheres is coached by Conny Vandendriessche and Pol Vanbiervliet. The concept? As a foreign student, you face enough challenges as it is: making plans in a new country, perhaps learning a new language, getting to know new people and then having to make financial ends meet? It’s not easy. That’s why Jelle, Lorenzo and Ruben came up with Studaro: an online platform that makes it easy for foreign students to find a student job. Getting to know people, discovering the local economy and making a buck off it? Never thought it would be easy.


Every consumer is different and behaves differently. This also applies to our online behaviour. That in itself makes it difficult for many companies, especially when it comes to web design and usability; which layout generates the most conversions? Can you do good for everyone? Enter Taglayer. The startup ensures that your website is personalized for each customer, and that based on his or her interests, personality, demographics, and more. Too good to be true? Not with Taglayer. The start-up is assisted by Werner De Wolf and Philip Timmermans.


A second Birdhouse start-up playing with artificial intelligence alongside is Textgain. The software allows text analysis to be performed in real time. That way, they do a constant poll. But not only opinion is measured. Also the gender, age group, educational level and even personality of the writer can be found out!

With Textgain you can do analysis on a very large scale, as playfully demonstrated on their Twitter channel. For example, did you know that on June 12, a whopping 54 adult women worldwide had something negative to say about Chewbacca? Neither are we. Textgain knew that. And although their Twitter feed is full of mostly random facts, Textgain is of course developed to actually do useful analyses with it, for example about your target audience and your competitors. Not that news about Chewbacca isn’t useful. But don’t forget to check out the free demo at the bottom of their homepage, which analysed this blog text with an eerie accuracy. Gio Canini and Filip Smet are the mentor duo behind this start-up.


Yordy and Wouter from Unigift are a bit like two Santa Clauses. They scatter gifts around, but all year round. How? Unigift provides smart gift cards for SMEs and cities. The operation is simple. Cities and towns can produce and distribute or sell gift cards, which can be used at various merchants in their city or town. Not only do local traders enjoy seeing this additional customer base, but Unigift is also a good thing for towns and municipalities as they no longer have to deal with the gift voucher business manually. If that’s not a gift?