It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a -ahum- rather special year. It is a fact that the holiday season will also look completely different this year. It won’t be easy to convey your personal end-of-year wishes to all your loved ones, colleagues and associates. Fortunately, there are other ways to do that! We did a round-up of our start-ups and alumni and collected their 9 cutest, healthiest or most useful end-of-year gifts. This way you get an original surprise, and you shop locally too!

#1 Justbite: a healthy end-of-year gift

Healthy food is of paramount importance at Justbite. Now that we are in a health crisis, this, along with exercise and relaxation, is extra important in strengthening your immune system. To usher in 2021 in the best possible shape, the start-up also offers its healthy snacks in the form of a festive end-of-year box! It can be fully personalised and you can optionally add a healthy drink, beer or a bottle of cava! A top gift for your employees, customers and partners!

#2 Kadonation: the ideal gift certificate

The most versatile staff gift with unlimited possibilities: that’s the gift certificate from Kadonation! The lucky recipients can use the voucher at more than 1000 shops, including, Coolblue and Decathlon. For a personal touch, add a cheerful text or video message, all in the style of your company.

#3 Unigift: city voucher with a heart for local

Unigift is also the place to go for a gift voucher, but one with a local touch! With their city voucher you can discover the best addresses in cities like Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges. There is also a voucher for the entire Belgian coast. This way you can treat your employees, business associates or loved ones to a wonderful old-fashioned city break after sober lockdown times.

#4 Crimibox’s Blackbox: an enigmatic gift card

You might know Crimibox from their exciting detective games where you have to solve a realistic murder case yourself. Now they have a mysterious gift for under the Christmas tree: the Blackbox. After opening this suspicious box, you must first solve a riddle before you can redeem a voucher for a spectacular murder game!

#5 MyBedMaker: well rested into the new year

My Add On develops aids that make the use of crutches and wheelchairs, for example, a lot more pleasant. Their latest useful gadget? MyBedMaker! This tool gives you an extra pair of hands, so to speak, making your bed becomes child’s play. So you’ll never sleep under a crooked blanket in your cover again!

#6 DORST: get the cocktail bar in the house

Can’t we go to the cocktail bar? Then DORST will bring it to your home! The start-up offers generously filled boxes of their pre-mixed flavor pearls in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties. The flavors? Classic Mojito, Moscow Mule (both 8% vol.), Pineapple & Lime and Ginger & Grapefruit (both 0%). That way you can still have a warm Christmas. Shake it baby!

#7 Ginger Jack: 0% alcohol, but tastier than tequila

Everyone can use a good shot in these corona times. But preferably without alcohol, because we have to watch our health! Can you do that? Yes, it is. Gingerjack is a shot with 0% alcohol, but is even more punishing than tequila! Ideal as a morning booster, as a pick-me-up during a hard day or as a degustation with a refreshing block of ice. Need we say more?

#8 Tifogame: get ready for the 2021 European Football Championships

We had to wait a year longer for the next major national tournament, but it’s finally going to happen: the European Football Championship 2021! Whether we can actually support in the stadium or in a pub remains to be seen. But with Tifogroup’s personalisable forecasting platform, you create an extra experience for yourself and your employees. The ideal teambuilding from a distance!

#9 Jureca: all-in legal advice

The holidays are usually about peace and forgiveness, but we know that sometimes the reality can be different. Do you know someone who is in a conflict or dispute? Then give him or her the gift of legal advice from Jureca. For an all-in price of 125 euros, you will receive advice from a specialised lawyer within five days. So you don’t have to wait forever for an answer and the costs don’t get out of hand. This way you might help someone relieved into the new year!