World of Waw

World of Waw

With the WoW 3D product configurator your customer can create the product of his dreams in high end 3D. Thanks to mixed reality technology, each design can be tested in actual size and the customer can see the impact of each choice on the price.

Many companies indulge consumers with products they can personalize. Until recently, you needed a lot of imagination to imagine the end result. For example, remember seeing that grey two-seat sofa in the interior design shop the other day? But you actually wanted it in a three-seat version with chaise longue and in floral design? Only upon delivery will you know if that was a good idea.

Thanks to World of Waw, that’s a thing of the past. With the 3D product configurator you can design the product of your dreams in a playful manner on your smartphone or tablet. You can see the impact of every adjustment in photorealistic 3D, thanks to the gaming engine on which the platform was built. The price is also adjusted immediately. And as icing on the cake, you can immediately test the end result in the right size in your living environment thanks to augmented reality. So that seat you just saw is digitally in full size in your living room. You can take pictures from all angles and ask your friends for feedback.

World of Waw removes all uncertainty before you even place your order. It goes without saying that their customers are happy with this shortened sales cycle. But it doesn’t stop there: complicated price lists, incomplete or incorrect orders and overburdened customer service departments are a thing of the past.

Samsung, Recor and Pelican Rouge are already satisfied customers.