Werner De Wolf

Werner De Wolf

Entrepreneur | Managing Partner Groom2Grow | CEO Schr├ęder

Werner is driven by innovation and change. He enjoys tackling difficult challenges and creating new ventures with a diverse and enthusiastic team.

For more than 25 years he worked for a number of global technology companies in the Telecom and ICT sector, where he spearheaded the start-up and growth of several new businesses. He also led a number of corporate venturing projects where startups partnered with larger companies. Since 2010 he was VP&GM responsible for TE Connectivity’s Telecom and Enterprise business in EMEA. In 2015, he became SVP Global Service Provider Solutions for CommScope.

In early 2017, Werner decided to take his career in a new direction. He founded Groom2Grow where he worked with a number of innovative scale-ups. He helps them scale customers, resources and talents/processes.

“At The Birdhouse I want to use my experience and network to help and inspire start-ups. I think it is important to be able to give something back for the opportunities I have been given myself. At the same time, I like to learn from the startups and their new insights myself.”

For Werner, the most important aspect of a startup is the team. A diverse and complementary team that can work together through thick and thin is key. In addition, the attitude of daring to think big, starting pragmatically and scaling up quickly is important to him. But also quick to fail and adjust when it doesn’t work. All this with a strong focus on the customer.

“Think Big, Start Small, Fail & Scale Fast!”