Artificial intelligence that can perform automatic text analysis in real time and on a large scale. This allows you to turn social media into a constantly updated opinion poll, which gives you insight into what is going on with your target audience or that of your competitors.

If you personally get lost in the daily stream of newspaper articles, e-mails, tweets and status updates, how should your organization deal with it? However, the millions of updates contain a wealth of information that reveals opinions, trend shifts and feelings. But how do you get them out?

Textgain does that for you. As a spin-off of the University of Antwerp, Textgain combines language technology and artificial intelligence to perform in-depth text analysis. Standard and customised, in more than 10 languages. Fast and in real time. Affordable and reliable.

“That way Textgain can figure out what language something is written in, what kind of text it is, what the main keywords are, what sentiment lies behind it, …”

Together with sentiment analysis, author profiling provides invaluable data. For brands, governments, retailers, marketers, publishers and data analysts who want to convert their data into predictive models.