Tengu is a data solutions platform for organizations that find themselves in the ‘data jungle’. Meanwhile, every organization, public or private, has made the choice to use data for better services, new products, data-driven insights, … Unfortunately, there are still not enough data experts available to set up large-scale data projects effectively.

Tengu empowers organisations to design, build and manage a data architecture, so they can immediately start working with the right combined datasets. Their ambition is to enable them to immediately start working with the right combined datasets. This is the toolbox for data scientists and analysts within organizations.

Today, they spend on average 80% of their time finding and preparing the right data. While their strength is actually in the Creating insights from the data via algorithms. If you add to this the fact that 1 out of 2 vacancies for data scientists remain unfilled, you will quickly see that Tengu offers a solution for all organisations that use data for their services or products.

Some reasons why customers choose Tengu:

  • From failure to success of data science projects
  • High-tech expertise in the field of big data technologies
  • Technologically empowering organizations to generate data-driven output
  • War of talent for data experts counter
  • Unburdening companies in terms of managing, hosting and updating
  • Vendor-independent: we work with Microsoft, Google and Amazon, with Tengu you remain independent

Originally the Tengu platform was developed during the PhD of co-founder and CEO Thomas Vanhove. He was looking for a way to automate complex big data experiments and built a first version of the current Tengu platform for this purpose. Tengu was systematically used by other researchers and industrial partners of Ghent University and imec. Along with Gregory Van Seghbroeck, he started the spin-off in July 2016.

In the meantime, Tengu has become a relevant partner in the areas of open data, open source technologies, big data architectures and data science. Ask us about it! You can easily reach #TeamTengu online and offline.

Tengu is closing the gap between data driven ambitions and decisions within organizations.