SET Travel

Smart travel backpacks with solar panels so you can always travel fully charged, safe and organized.

Mobility is a key word in our modern society. But during her trip in Thailand, Elaha Rafie noticed that backpacks are in dire need of an update. That’s why, after returning home, she founded SET, the start-up that develops smartpacks with solar panels.

The idea arose from a very personal experience. Elaha was touring Thailand and noticed that many travelers, like herself, were facing certain challenges. The ever-desperate search for power for iPhones or laptops, and the lack of handy storage compartments where you can quickly and easily store your belongings, while keeping them safe from theft. She found it strange that travel backpacks hadn’t evolved with the needs of modern backpackers and wanted to change that.

SET first introduced Numi on Kickstarter. Within 12 hours the target amount of 20K was reached.