Nowadays we are all too used to order everything via our smartphone and have it delivered immediately at home. Nowadays you can buy new sneakers online, for books and toys there is and for electronics we surf quicker to Coolblue than to Mediamarkt. But why do we keep going to the supermarket to do our weekly shopping? It’s time consuming, nobody likes to do it and on top of that supermarkets are usually closed at times when you just have the time to visit them.

That’s why three young people from Ghent set up the Nachtkoerier delivery service. Through the webshop you can order all your favorite drinks and snacks online and they will be delivered to your door within 30 minutes. By bike. For now, the range consists of about 200 products that can be ordered between 7pm and 1am.

We are expanding this range every day with the ambition of becoming the number one online delivery service for supermarket products. All your groceries delivered to your door in the evening. If it isn’t convenient!

The Nachtkoerier brings all your favorite drinks and snacks to your door within 30 minutes by bike.