McLee Van den Abbeele

McLee Van den Abbeele

Country Business Leader at Becton Dickinson

McLee is an intrapreneur with experience primarily in commercial leadership roles. Both in business-to-business and direct-to-consumer environments. The common thread: innovation in go-to-market strategy and execution.

How can I market my business idea in the most effective and efficient way, now and in the future? This, according to McLee, is the most pertinent question every business must ask. ”Finding an appropriate answer to these questions every time is my great passion and I love helping our startups move forward with that.”

McLee also appreciates ‘positive dissatisfaction’ in people: constantly challenging the status quo, but always solution-oriented and with a can-do mentality. “It’s at the heart of progress and improvement.”

He sees developing talent and building high-performance teams in which collaboration and diversity are central as his greatest professional achievements. Something he would love to continue working on with the startups at Birdhouse!

“I’m not a fan of inspirational quotes. On the contrary. But this one has always stuck with me. To me it mainly means: if you want to go all the way with something, you might as well have some fun with it. If not, why bother? It seems to me an indispensable attitude for every entrepreneur. And it is also the core of my commitment to Birdhouse. Let’s have some fun while we’re at it!”

”Les gens qui ne rient jamais, ne sont pas des gens sérieux.”