is a legaltech chatbot solution for lawyers and businesses. The focus is on simplifying client intake, creating intelligent contracts and automating legal research. has moved away from legal jargon and keeps the client intake process low key.

The website chatbot lets the customer choose from 11 understandable topics and asks for his problem description. He will then explain the firm’s expertise, the next steps, and schedule an appointment if desired. Afterwards the lawyer receives a memo with the client’s problem description and, based on AI, also relevant legal sources. This way, the lawyer is prepared for the first meeting with the client without any effort.

In addition, includes a contract bot that asks the customer simple questions about his desired contract. This replaces lengthy phone calls between client and lawyer. The customer can ask for an explanation if he does not understand something. After the chat, the lawyer receives his own template contract filled in based on the client’s preferences. Companies use the contract bot to maintain uniformity of their contracts to increase compliance.

More than your legal assistant