Koen De Waele

Koen De Waele

Venture Partner Volta Ventures | Strategic Advisor

Koen De Waele has been active for 20 years in various roles at the intersection between investment, strategy, innovation and finance. His focus was always on building businesses, initiatives or new ideas, always based on a combination of strategic insight, deal making and strong financial expertise. That in academia, the venture capital sector and the entrepreneurial world.

“I look for in a start-up the hunger to want to learn from each other, and the mutual drive to challenge the other intellectually and pragmatically.”

According to Koen De Waele, start-ups have an extra dynamic with which they both propel themselves and set the market as a whole in motion. He wants to help them focus their strategy and find the right product-market-fit. He also offers support in business planning and financing.

“Knowledge is Power. Know Yourself.”