Social and competitive gaming platform that gives local gamers of all levels a revenue model and stage, brings them together into a community and gives companies the opportunity to efficiently reach this hard-to-reach target group.

Imagine a sport without a playing field for competition, without a binding agent between local players, without a place to talk about it or gain knowledge and where there are no opportunities to grow in order to generate fame or to earn something from it. That’s gaming. In the Benelux alone there are more than ten million gamers, and an ever-growing group of them needs a framework that offers these possibilities.

Kayzr’s mission is to make competitive gaming (eSports) mainstream by giving players and teams of all levels a revenue model and stage. They also want to bring gamers together, in the broader sense of the word, by becoming the go-to social and content platform for gaming. This close-knit community is the ideal opportunity for companies to efficiently reach that hard-to-reach target group.

Kayzr launched in Belgium in the spring of 2016 and expanded to the Netherlands in the fall. The platform already connects thousands of gamers every week through its own social network and has already done campaigns with dozens of major consumer brands. It also offers daily tournaments for the most popular games, where players can compete against others. Depending on their performance, they can earn a virtual coin which they can spend in an extensive webshop.