iFLUX launched a new and proven monitoring technique to determine the speed and direction of groundwater flow and contamination in the soil. Based on a patented measuring technology, combined with a specific data interpretation method, they can guarantee an accurate and reliable picture of water fluxes under the ground. These insights enable their clients to carry out remediation projects more quickly and efficiently and to drastically reduce the total cost of the work.

With their total service for flux measurements, they target environmental experts who supervise soil remediation projects. To ensure the quality of the delivered measurement results, iFLUX guarantees the entire measuring and analysis process. Environmental experts can then use these reliable data to determine the spread risks and further optimise the remediation dossier.

iFLUX is a spin-off of the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) and the University of Antwerp. Goedele Verreydt led the research and development of the unique iFLUX technology for many years. It has thus become an international expert in the field of diffusion of groundwater pollution.