Wow, they stole the sugar!Ice Crime makes criminally delicious Belgian ice cream with 0% added sugars, 45% less calories and 100% taste.

The average European consumes up to 4 times more sugar than recommended by the World Health Organization. This overconsumption leads to overweight and obesity. Moreover, there are 60 million people in Europe suffering from diabetes, a figure that continues to rise.

Yet we all like to eat a scoop of ice cream, but we also know that it is unhealthy, as it is full of sugar and fats. Taste versus health, should this be an eternal battle?

Not if it depends on Ice Crime! The start-up succeeded inbringing an ice cream on the market with 0% added sugars, 60% less saturated fats and 45% less calories compared to the ice cream reference on the market. For that purpose they sweeten their ice cream mainly with stevia, a sweetener of 100% natural origin. Furthermore, Ice Crime does not use artificial colors and flavors. The Ice Crime ice cream has a creamy texture, is scoopable immediately, and has a delicious taste!

Ice cream with 0% added sugars, 45% fewer calories and 100% taste!