i.Revitalise is an online platform for machines, equipment, infrastructure with or without associated operator, engineering and know-how in the manufacturing, maintenance and overhaul sectors and research and development.

The start-up offers easy access to existing high tech assets and capabilities for companies with a production problem, an investment case with low ROI, to prepare an investment or to find the right supplier.

They work for and with local companies and institutes to support their innovation and sustainability by valorising existing resources and knowledge. I.Revitalise earns the trust of these companies by stimulating cooperation and constant professionalism and reliability.

Examples are renting a high-end metal working capacity such as wire spark erosion to take on a large order, urgently having a material analysis test carried out in accordance with a specific ISO certification at a reasonable price or renting a specific test equipment as part of a research project.

Although i.Revitalise started relatively recently (2017), today it already has a network of over 150 mainly Flemish companies, with over 300 assets and capabilities on offer on their online platform. Thanks to a state-of-the-art marketing plan, more and more companies are finding their way to the platform.

Online sharing platform for high-tech equipment, machines and infrastructure, with or without associated operator or know-how.