Human Reef

Human Reef

Every day, companies face difficulties in adapting to the rapidly changing world. They struggle to execute their own strategy and employees feel disconnected from that strategy. Human Reef wants to change that!

Human Reef is a software company whose strategy execution platform helps turn strategy into reality by incorporating more agility and transparency.

Nature is Human Reef’s greatest inspiration and therefore the starting point is a model for strategy execution based on what nature teaches us. Companies can be organized as living ecosystems that can respond quickly to change through an adaptive organizational structure.

The Human Reef Platform helps you to visualize your entire ecosystem and make strategy actionable by setting concrete goals and roles at the corporate, team and personal levels. This ensures sustainable and comprehensive growth for both the company and its employees.

Human Reef originally started as a consulting company around Els De Geyter, but because Els kept seeing the same problems in companies – an ineffective strategy, demotivated employees, a lack of workable goals and flexibility… – she decided to set up offer a software solution themselves. Over the past year, Human Reef has grown to a team of 5 permanent employees.

The Human Reef Platform is still being expanded every day. In 2019, Human Reef plans many more new features including an AI that can signal when your goals are in jeopardy.

Companies struggle to execute their own strategy and employees feel disconnected from it. Human Reef wants to change that!