We live in a digital world. You can control almost everything via your smartphone, tablet or PC. But insurers, brokers and financial advisors, among others, are lagging behind.

Periodically you receive a proposal to extend your policy or a change in the contractual conditions and you make a solemn promise: before the next extension I will take care of this! But in reality, that doesn’t happen. It’s boring, time consuming and a lot of hassle.

You often don’t know yourself whether you are still adequately insured, whether certain products are missing, where your policy documents and contact information have ended up, and what the details of this agreement are again. And communication is far from always mobile and digital.

Hublio wants to change this and therefore brings the interaction with your insurances and related products like pensions, accounts and credit cards into the digital age. To this end, they are introducing an intelligent digital platform that connects consumers, brokers, advisors and insurers with each other across different channels.

Through a balanced mix of smart automation, behavioural economics and qualified advisors, they figure out your unique profile and drill down to the fine print of your contracts. Hublio continuously investigates your needs and tells you whether you are over- or underinsured, whether you have double or missing coverage, and whether you can buy these products elsewhere at a better price-quality ratio by scouring the market for you.

Hublio is a smart digital platform that connects customers with brokers, advisors and insurers.