Hoplr is a free, ad-free, social and private neighborhood network that connects residents. External parties have no access to these neighbourhoods, but they can place reports of general interest in the neighbourhood feed.

More than 85,000 households in 850 neighborhoods across Belgium use Hoplr on a daily basis:

  • Sharing and borrowing
  • Search for a good plumber or babysitter
  • Organising neighbourhood parties
  • Launching initiatives
  • Reports from local services
  • Get to know your neighbours better
  • Lost pets
  • and so much more…

Hoplr neighborhoods are free, secure, private and ad-free. Only you and your neighbors have access to the neighborhood based on address verification and a neighborhood code. In short, everything is about connecting people with their immediate environment.

Studies show that in the digital age, we hardly know the people in our immediate environment. 48% even rarely or never talk to their neighbors. It’s just not always easy to reach your neighbors quickly. The digital divide with local government is also becoming more and more problematic.

Hoplr was launched in 2014 and has believed in a local yet digital story from the start. Everything is about connecting people to their environment. Hoplr wants to contribute to the following social themes: social cohesion, inclusion, community care and participation.

“In time, we want to close the gap between residents and all local actors.”