Hilde Peerlings

Hilde Peerlings

Business consultant | Entrepreneur

Hilde Peerlings worked in the financial sector for 10 years and was a manager-entrepreneur in the automotive sector for 15 years. This is how she built an SME with a small team into a company of more than 160 employees.

Based on her years of experience, Hilde now gives growing SMEs well-founded advice on sales, HR, organisational structures and financial management. She also wants to give this experience to the entrepreneurs of Birdhouse.

She wants to share her expertise and experience and protect starters from the well-known pitfalls. She wants to help them get off to a flying start and help accelerate, inspire and assist to a healthy profitable business. If that company also has the potential to grow, then her role as a mentor is a complete success.

“I am convinced that sharing knowledge and expertise is a must in a rapidly changing economic landscape.”