Hemp in a box

Hemp in a box


Hemp in a box uses traditional natural materials such as hemp and straw as insulation for new builds and renovations. Thanks to research and continuous innovation , Hemp in a box combines sustainable and ecological building methods with ease of use, efficiency, comfort and aesthetics.

Their products are a full alternative to traditional building products with better results in terms of durability, comfort, moisture control and energy efficiency. Hemp in a box offers solutions for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional.

For renovation they offer the following products:

  • Hempmix: a lime hemp mix prepared in advance which can be processed immediately on site, thus saving a lot of time and labour. Our mix can be applied in floors, roofs and walls.
  • Hempmix-dry: a pre-dried lime hemp mix that can be applied immediately in a fixed formwork so that in one day you can have a fully insulated and finished wall with all the advantages of traditional lime hemp insulation (moisture regulating, temperature buffering, co2-negative, sustainable and ecological and a comfortable indoor climate without extra techniques) without the disadvantages (no long drying time, easy to apply). This mix can also be blown into the formwork by the professional.
  • Strawflakes: a mixture of straw that can also be blown into the walls, making it possible to insulate with straw without being bound by the traditional thicknesses of straw bales and still be able to enjoy all the benefits of insulating with straw.

For new buildings, they make customised timber-frame panels for walls and roofs in which the insulation is already fitted beforehand. With these walls you can create a completely windproof and insulated home in just a few days.

Hemp in a box combines these insulation products with the ExtreemGreen Magnesium Oxide board which is sustainable and fully recyclable and ensures that all the advantages of both lime hemp and straw are retained to the maximum extent behind this finishing board. Hemp in a box is the exclusive distributor of this sheeting in the Benelux and France.

Nature is the best insulator!