Gingerwald offers cold-pressed juice shots through interactive juice-corners, to offer a healthy food choice in the workplace for health gurus and health skeptics alike.

The Gingerwald concept is built on 2 pillars:

First there are the juice shots: Gingerwald provides pure cold-pressed vegetable, fruit – and herb juices (without additives or pasteurization) in shot version of 100 ml bottles.

Gingerwald also makes being healthy interactive! With a built-in iPad and mobile app, employees can obtain information about healthy ingredients and the associated benefits. They can also access their personal ingredient dashboard and even use the app to treat their colleagues to a juice shot.

“Small enough to convince even the non-health guru to try something healthier, yet big enough to give them the accompanying mental kick; for example, with one juice-shot you get the nutritional equivalent of half a beetroot, 3 carrots and 4 tangerines.”