Entusia manufactures and markets specially designed underwear for people with urine leakage, replacing the expensive and disposable panty liners with odor problems, infections and irritation. The pad in the underwear is antibacterial treated and provides unprecedented comfort.

Entusia gives women and men who suffer from a very big social problem (which is also a taboo subject) back the self-confidence, dignity, honour and comfort they deserve. How? By offering them a slip or boxer that eliminates all the disadvantages associated with panty liners, pads or sanitary napkins. This way, the additional inconvenience of leakage is reduced to a minimum.

The solid pad in the underwear is formulated to absorb and track urine. This comes with a huge advantage: the panties can be reused up to 100 times and are therefore much cheaper for your wallet and the environment.

Nice underwear for people with leaks