Daltix gives retailers & suppliers peace-of-mind about what is happening in the market by monitoring online webshops on a daily basis. They provide tactical & strategic market information regarding prices, promos and assortment offerings.

Tablet, tools or tomatoes: whatever your business, Daltix accurately and quickly delivers the retail insights your organization needs to make an impactful decision. They do this by collecting online retail data from web shops and translating it into useful insights for both retailers and suppliers. Daltix shows you who was the first to drop prices in the market, which category retailer X focuses on most, and which exclusives your competitors offer.

The data collection is fully automated. This is not only faster, it is also more efficient: it reduces the chance of human error to zero and eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming store checks.”

After collection, the data is structured in a database that is intelligently searchable: by name or category, but also by product characteristic, per standard unit or consumer unit. Because what is relevant for the customer is also relevant for us.

With Daltix you have more time for what really matters: making tactical and strategic decisions to optimize sales.