Contractify is specialized in contract management. Everyone knows that you need to manage contracts and that if you don’t, money is lost. Yet we find that most organizations do not manage their contracts, or manage them insufficiently or at least inefficiently. Contracts are often spread across various people and departments and are insufficiently or not followed up.

The result is that, for example, tacit renewals take place when this was not intended, end-of-year discounts are not requested, price agreements are not followed up correctly, time is lost in the search for contracts, contracts are no longer in line with the market, etc. All things you want to avoid.

Contractify has developed the software that allows you to manage your contracts well and easily, and also has a number of support services for these organizations that want to be unburdened with regard to their contract management.

Contractify’s software tool ensures that:

  • Contracts and related documents are centrally available
  • You will be notified of approaching notice dates or end dates
  • You will also receive a warning when there is a need for follow-up, such as indexing, end of year discount, scheduling of maintenance, etc.
  • The board or management has insight into the contractual agreements and whether they are actually followed up on.
  • You quickly gain insight into optimization opportunities
  • You will quickly gain insight into which contracts are probably still present in the organization but have not yet been registered.

Contractify also helps with:

  • Registration of current contracts at start-up
  • Continuous monitoring of the contracts, such as registration of new contracts and updates of existing contracts.
  • Reading of contract proposals
  • Market analysis of your overheads

Contractify is specialized in contract management and is the only party in Belgium that assists organizations with this, through software and support services