Conny Vandendriessche

Conny Vandendriessche

Founder Accent Jobs | Founder Stella P. | Founder We Are Jane

In 1995, Conny Vandendriessche founded Accent Jobs and, together with her fantastic staff, built it into a success story. This grew into the House of HR, a holding company specialising in temporary employment and outsourcing. The House of HR includes Accent Jobs, Logi Technic, Peak, Abylsen, Covebo, Continue and Time Partner. After an intense career of 20 years, it was time for a break and Conny decided to hand over the operational torch to Jerome Caille. Conny is still a shareholder and active as a board member at the House of HR.

Entrepreneurship however is addictive for Conny and therefore she started with a second passion: Stella P. With “Building Better Boards” as its slogan, Stella P. is specialized in composing advisory boards. Stella Polaris stands for the Pole Star; a fixed anchor point, a sign that gives a sense of direction.

Conny can teach the start-ups a great deal thanks to her years of experience in the HR sector, making her an ideal mentor for Birdhouse start-ups.

“Dream, Think, Dare, Do, Persevere, Share (repeat …)”