Cheers digitises and automates the ordering process in bars and at events. The setup is simple: the user gets an overview of all participating businesses, of which you can consult the drinks menu via the app. The customer enters his order. The drink is then prepared, and through Cheers’ skip-the-queue system, you don’t have to wait for it to be your turn. Fiddling with money or receipts is also not necessary anymore, because the payment was already completed automatically during the order. Simple as that!

The application also offers advantages for the participating businesses: since the app is linked to the cash register system, the waiter no longer has to enter anything manually, which saves a considerable amount of time. Besides the possibility to increase sales and save costs, Cheers also offers targeted marketing opportunities. The user can easily look up which events in the neighbourhood are scheduled for that evening.

Cheers is strongly committed to the experience of its users. They want to make the ancillary tasks of picking up cash, ordering drinks and paying as efficient as possible, so that the users only have to occupy themselves with what they enjoy doing: talking, laughing, flirting, twerking and dancing.

Cheers is no longer active.