Charlz Sway

Charlz Sway

Charlz Sway designs and creates shoes for women in motion: shoes that allow you to switch from a high to a low heel in an instant.

In today’s society, a woman wants to embody different roles: employee, wife, mother, partner, friend, … We have desires, goals, want to undertake, to develop ourselves. And all this at the same time, without compromise. That is a challenge. That’s why I designed a shoe that can last all day and that can follow us in all our roles. From meetings to parents’ evenings, without losing any elegance or comfort.”

In concrete terms, that means you can go from a 9 cm heel to a 3 cm heel in just 5 seconds. Charlz Sway completes your outfit and gives you the freedom to move where and when you want.

Switch from a high to a low heel in an instant.