Bruno D’Hulster

Bruno D’Hulster

Entrepreneur | Consultant

In 2006, he founded the consultancy company BeAligned, which he sold to Threon after 10 successful years. Today he is working on a new initiative on sports orientation for children, SportaMundi, in collaboration with SpartaNova and UGent.

Bruno obtained his degree as industrial engineer at the UGent. Since the beginning of his career he has been looking for innovative IT solutions to help companies accelerate. He still does that today. In the late 90’s he worked at one of the big four consultancy firms. “That’s where I learned the craft, and in 2004 I became a freelance consultant. That was the best decision of my career.”

Bruno became a mentor at Birdhouse because he wants to help young entrepreneurs anticipate and guard against the typical problems that come with entrepreneurship. He also hopes to convey the importance of a strong network to start-ups. Building a network is extremely important for an entrepreneur. In this respect, Birdhouse is already a first step in the right direction.”

“Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship was the best decision of my career.”