BeerSelect turns beer lovers into true beer connoisseurs by serving them a pleasant selection of speciality beers that guarantee a unique taste experience. “We want people to experience how great our beer culture is. Whether they are beer lovers or people whose journey of discovery has yet to start: we really need to blow them away with our brewing gems.”

BeerSelect’s specialty beers are selected by taste and come from small or artisanal breweries. These breweries are in fact essential to the Belgian beer culture. They are often the ones who innovate in the art of brewing, for example by introducing new flavours to the market. “The personal experience is key. We focus on professional beer tasting, flavor recognition, food pairing and storytelling.

The BeerSelect selection is already available in China. However, they mainly focus on discovery packages, where the full taste experience comes into its own. They also make these ‘Discovery Boxes’ to order for companies. “An original and personalised gift is less likely to be forgotten than a bottle of cava,” he says.

Local brewers under one roof.