AcademicLabs aims to be the optimal matchmaker in academia.Their goal is to facilitate research and make it transparent by introducing the sharing economy.

The research world contains an enormous wealth of underutilised knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure. Making this accessible and sharing it is essential to develop new knowledge and technologies. But this is a process that is becoming increasingly complex, expensive and multidisciplinary. Historical initiatives have led to a dramatic fragmentation of the research landscape, in which nobody can find their way anymore.

As a result, research partners are mainly found through the very limited personal network, which results in a huge potential for collaboration and results being lost.

AcademicLabs’ online platform maps out research teams who want to share their expertise and assets. This way, companies and researchers can find suitable partners in a systematic way, in just minutes. This active collaboration is further facilitated via a community tool.

Easy access to academic knowledge, infrastructure and technologies for faster, cheaper and higher quality research and innovation.