At the beginning of the program you will be matched with one dedicated mentor who will guide you throughout the entire program. At least every two weeks, you will sit down with this solid and multi-purpose sounding board. You will discuss the progress with regard to your personal goals and debate on strategic and operational issues.

Alongside your mentor you will also get access to a amazing network of Advisors. Our advisors have made their mark at top national and international companies. Each of them has a specific expertise, or super power, if you will. Based on your needs we will pair you with the right advisors who will in turn form your tailor-made Advisory Board. With unparalleled expertise, they will help you gain extremely useful and practical insights so you can make an immediate leap forward with your start-up.

The other experts that will not be part of your Advisory Board will still be at your disposal if needed but on an more ad-hoc base

Meet our mentors & advisors!