Behind the most successful start-ups are rock-solid teams, led by two or more co-founders. But how do you find the perfect co-founder for your business? One that complements you and with whom you also have a click? We’ll give you some useful tips.

Think about the right profile

It’s obvious, but we’ll mention it anyway: think carefully about which profile you need. It is important that the skills of your co-founder(s) complement yours. For example, are you a techie at heart? Then look for someone with marketing or sales experience.

Not unimportant: do you have a personal click with your potential co-founder? There are plenty of examples of start-ups that didn’t make it because the founders had a falling out. So, before you start working with each other, take your time to get to know each other. Both professionally and personally.

Use online tools

Especially in the technology sector, you should be able to find your co-founder online just fine, right? Indeed, there are a lot of websites where you can gain connections from your industry., Cofounderslab and Founde2be are just a few examples, with networks of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. If you don’t manage to find the right co-founder here, you will undoubtedly make contacts with professionals who will come in handy later!

Be selective with networking events

There are many networking events and co-founder meetups within the Belgian start-up scene. The trick is to attend the events that best suit you and your business. Again, it is important to determine in advance exactly what profile you are looking for. Each event attracts a different type of entrepreneur.

Use social media

Social media is another excellent way to expand your network and perhaps even find your ideal co-founder. On Facebook groups like BeTech and BeStart a lot of professionals are active. Also, you won’t find the right person here, there is bound to be someone who can refer you.

Ask experienced people

Almost given up hope? Then talk to a coach or an experienced entrepreneur you’ve worked with before. After all, they have already got to know you and can probably indicate which type of entrepreneur suits you best. And maybe they have the golden tip!