In our previous article, we shared some general tips for a good freelancer briefing. However, there are big differences between the briefing for, say, a developer and a briefing for a copywriter. In this blog post, we list the most common types of freelancers in the startup scene, along with some best practices for briefing them as clearly as possible.

Freelance webdevelopers

If you want to develop a new website or platform, you might hire a freelance web developer. Developers are usually involved in your project for a longer period of time. So you do everything you can to ensure that the collaboration runs smoothly and easily. But how?

You save a lot of time when you deliver your brand package in advance. This is a folder that contains your house style: fonts, logos, colour palette, …

Are you having a website built? Be sure to provide a wireframe as well. A wireframe is pretty much the building plan of your site: it outlines the layout of the web pages and helps the developer understand what you expect. You can also supplement such a wireframe with a mood board of websites you find attractive and well-organised.

If you want to stay closely involved in the development of the project, consider a project management tool like Jira. Through clear kanban boards you can follow who is doing what and when. That way you can also give quick input in case of problems or doubts.

Freelance graphic designers

If you already have a corporate identity guide, then of course you will send it to your designer immediately. If you don’t have one, he or she is the perfect person to help you design your corporate identity. It is also a good idea to send some examples of suitable designs that you like.

Secondly, be clear about the technical specifications and formats: there is a big difference between a design for the web and one for print. Also important: where do the designs end up? Will they be printed on giant banners or do they need to be small so your website doesn’t load too slowly?

Freelance copywriters

A good briefing for a copywriter consists of a few examples of texts that appeal to you. It gives the copywriter an idea of where you want to go. It is also important that you paint a clear picture of your target audience . This is associated with the tone of voice that the copywriter must adopt.

So much for the style of the text, but what about the content? Provide enough sources where the copywriter can find information. Notes, interviews and scientific papers are relevant but competitor blogs can also help.

Finally, you brief your copywriter on the tech specs of the text: how do you want to receive the copy? An oldskool Word-document, via Google Docs so you can add comments, or directly in the CMS of your website? Also clearly indicate whether the texts need to be optimised for SEO, whether there are any links, whether there are any images or videos, etc.

Freelance (digital) marketers

Just like web developers and graphic designers, freelance digital marketers like to receive a brand package: your logo, official product names, slogans, images, templates for designs, … This way, the marketer can easily get started.

If you’re working with a freelancer to create an advertising strategy, it’s important that you include your KPIs – or compile these variables together. You should always define the goal you want to achieve through ads in advance. For example: do you want more visitors on your website or more reach on social media?

Finally, be sure to give your freelance marketer quick access to all the necessary accounts such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, etc.

Freelance sales reps

One of the bigger challenges is finding a freelance sales representative. The big advantage is that independent sales reps often already have a large network that can be useful for your business. Look for sales reps who have already been active in your industry, but preferably not at a direct competitor.

Keep in mind that you will need to brief a salesperson more than other freelancers. They need to know your product or services inside out to be able to cancel the customer benefits in their sleep. So it’s a time investment in the beginning, but one that can pay off.