A fresh batch of 16 start-ups have joined Birdhouse’s accelerator program which started in early September. Each of them has their own ambitions and goals they want to achieve during the programme. We asked some newborn birdies which ones they are. Ready to go?

Contaynor: Optimization of margins

Contaynor is at a tipping point at the start of the accelerator trajectory. The start-up delivers heavy containers of water, soda, beer and wine right to your front door. Founder Andreas van Assche: “The main challenge is to scale quickly and streamline operations. Our market is competitive and has low margins. Optimizing those margins and achieving economies of scale is crucial in our business. We hope Birdhouse can help with this.”

WaWaah Water: securing funding

Co-founder Philippe Deben wants to surround himself with mentors, experts and fellow entrepreneurs so he can do some serious brain picking. “Birdhouse is the impetus for us to further scale our start-up. We have been testing and validating our concept for the past few months. Now it’s time to grow into a full-fledged company. To achieve that, we hope to secure our funding through Birdhouse.” With their brand WaWaah Water offers healthy alternatives for children’s drinks and food.

Zerocopy: scaling with the right people

“By working extremely hard for years, I have brought Zerocopy to what it is today: a profitable and scalable company… that does not scale”, says founder Maxime Carpentier. “And for the latter, I am looking for a solution. Based on internal analysis, there are three essential things missing to scale up: the right people, the right financial partners and the right coaching. These things are closely related and I hope to find them with Birdhouse’s help.” Zerocopy offers a free print service for students based on advertisements.

The Cheese Conaisseur: reaching break-even point faster

“Our goal is to make December 2020 the first profitable month,” reveals founder Nick Spanhove of De Kaasconaisseur. The start-up is an online specialist in quality cheese boards, boxes and buffets. “The bottom line is that we want to reach our break-even point faster. In addition, my e-commerce store will launch in September. With Birdhouse’s help, I hope to build a foolproof digital ecosystem that is fully scalable. And by betting big on video marketing, I want to become the Donald Muylle of cheeses.”

Statrics: go-to-market strategy for the EU

“We want to accelerate our development by putting additional focus on AI integration and Marketplace,” says Statrics co-founder Damien Rapoye. “Two of our co-founders are developers and will be working on this full time. As a non-developer, I want to focus in particular on developing a go-to-market strategy in the EU. This brings us to our main challenge for the coming months: raising the necessary funding!” Statrics provides brands, creators, athletes and teams in the world of gaming and esports with analytical data.

BRAUZZ: launching spin-off brand

“At Birdhouse, we want to lay a solid foundation for some big plans,” says founder Ruben Renaer of BRAUZZ. The start-up develops innovative and sustainable cleaning products. “We will be launching a spin-off brand and we want to use the next few months to stress-test the product, our marketing and logistics. The launch is scheduled for early 2021 and we hope to prepare in the best possible way.”

Goolash: go-to-market optimization

Founder Jef Bogaerts of Goolash wants to have found a way of working at Birdhouse to bring their product to the market in the best possible way. “As techies, we’re not fully versed in marketing and sales, so we want to surround ourselves with people who are knowledgeable about that and can help us grow.” Goolash automates the administrative management of software licenses.

Adun.io: growing towards SaaS model

“Our focus in our first year of life was mainly on projects,” says Davy De Witte of Adun.io. The start-up helps brands and retailers with insights into the profile of offline customers. “Now we want to grow more towards a SaaS model, which will allow us to help brands and retailers even better with their communications in offline stores. We hope that Birdhouse’s mentors and Scale-up Eagles can support us in evolving into a product company.”

SalesNote: tapping into new verticals

Founder Thomas Neirynck wants to take his mvp to a v1.0 to get closer to a product-market fit. SalesNote provides an AI sales assistant that captures and analyzes call data. “In addition to raising capital, we want to get our operation more efficient in order to grow further. We hope the mentors can help us tap into other verticals faster.”

Ask Attis: capital round of 2 million

“For the coming months, we have four concrete goals,” reveals co-founder Guy Van Looveren. “First of all, we want to significantly improve the quality of the content and texts on our website. Secondly, we want to build a successful go-to-market strategy and we are aiming to initiate a capital round that should bring us 2 million euros. Finally, we want to shape our advisory board.” Ask Attis is developing a smart app to detect plant diseases and pests in folk and vegetable gardens.

DigiTin: structuring the organization

Dieter Gezels of DigiTin is looking forward to working with various experts to grow from start-up to scale-up. “Help is most welcome in structuring our organization, as well as our go-to marketing strategy, both nationally and internationally. For all this beauty, we could certainly also use guidance on our very first round of funding!” Digitin is an innovative payment and marketing tool for companies, schools, events and sports clubs.

Jimber: launching a product

Jimber works on user-friendly cybersecurity that protects users from hackers and other security threats. Kristof Van Stappen talks about the plans of the start-up at Birdhouse: “This autumn we want to launch our products on the market. So during the process we want to focus fully on developing our go-to-market strategy. We hope that the mentors and experts will be able to help us with this.”

Laundrio: product market fit

Maxim Christiaen, CEO and co-founder of Laundrio: “The coming months we want to work on the right product market fit. This in terms of channel, tone of voice, offer, go-to-market strategy and a first operational efficiency. We also want to get a good insight into the real pain of our end customers and how our key benefit fits in. With their on-demand laundry service, Laundrio takes the daily laundry burden away. The start-up picks up your dirty laundry or ironing at your home and delivers it back to you in perfect condition.

yogalive: become the largest yoga studio

Yogalive is the first online marketplace for live, online yoga. Co-founder Sibren De Preter is looking forward to the coming period with a lot of confidence: “We strongly believe that, with the experience and expertise of the Birdhouse team and mentors, we can make yogalive the biggest yoga studio in the world! We are aware that we are embarking on an intense journey, with hopefully many ups, but with certainly also many downs. The fact that we are continuing here together with a group of top fellow startups is something that brings us a lot of comfort.”

carjack: 3 important goals

“Birdhouse comes at the perfect time for carjack,” says co-founder Thomas Hanssens. “With our MVP, we have now been able to validate our product. As such, we are on the eve of three important steps: maturation of our brand, development of the next phase of our product, and raising capital to make the first two steps go more smoothly!” Carjack is an online platform that guides car buyers in their search for a new car.

Generation Fit App: growing as an entrepreneur

Generation Fit is the first Dutch platform in Belgium for people who want to train at home in an accessible way. The start-up offers access to a fit-o-theme full of exercises that evolve with your training level. Mulamba Van den Hende, founder of the start-up and also a personal coach, is clear about his goal for the coming months: “With the personal coaching in the field of leadership, I want to become a better entrepreneur!

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