Are you ambitious and have already taken steps?

Every cohort, between 400 and 500 start-ups enroll in our accelerator. A total of +/- 10 will eventually be admitted. The next cohort starts the 3th of April! To let you get the most out of our accelerator program, be sure to check out the selection process below.

What does our program look like?

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

We offer an intensive program that is tailored to your start-up. With the following components you will work in a goal-oriented way to achieve your targets such as:

  • 1 strong lead mentor who will guide you intensively
  • Tailor-made advisory board with 4 experts
  • Access to additional 1 on 1’s with 150+ strong mentors/advisors
  • And much more

Where does the program take place?

Discover our hybrid way of working

  • Since 2021, we organize our program partly physically, partly virtually. Important moments at the beginning, the middle & end of the program are organized physically and we also provide sufficient (physical) networking opportunities throughout the program.

What does the selection procedure look like?

5 steps to explosive growth

To participate in our accelerator, you go through several steps. Each step is valuable, because each time you get useful feedback that will help your start-up further. Subscribing is therefore worthwhile!

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1. Register (Short form)


2. Register (Long form)


3. Jury assessment

06/03/2023 – 11/03/2023

4. Due Diligence

16/03/2023 – 17/03/2023

5. Announcement


6. Start of program


Grow from start-up to scale-up with Birdhouse Accelerator

Facts & Figures about Birdhouse accelerator

Experienced mentors and advisors active in our network
Start-ups mentored since 2016
Mio euro follow-on funding by alumni
Of our start-ups, still exists