Conquering the world with your start-up? Then you need capital. And that doesn’t just happen out of the blue.

To make your capital round a success, Birdhouse and EYnovation™ together organize the third free event on capital: The Big Funding Event. This time as an online conference, which you can also (re)view afterwards. We invite our speakers into a professional studio and stream everything in high quality to your computer!

Learn from the best

And we didn’t invite just anyone! We get Jürgen Ingels (SmartFin), Frank Claassen (Newion) and Jonas Deprez (Daltix) in front of our camera and stream the whole event live on your computer.

Jürgen Ingels and Frank Claassen speak from the investors’ side. They have had countless promising start-ups before them, so they know how to convince investors as a start-up.

Jonas Deprez is a start-up founder himself and has already closed several capital rounds. Last year he raised 1,3 million euro , this year he convinced Colruyt Group to take a majority stake in his start-up Daltix.

Advice tailored to your start-up

After these speakers’ talks, you’ll get the chance to fire off your pressing questions about raising capital to some EY experts. You can choose from three breakout sessions.

You will discover which alternative funding funnels are available for your start-up, how to develop the right approach to funding and which often overlooked legal aspects you need to take into account.

The Big Funding Event Live – powered by EYnovation™The Big Funding Event Live – powered by EYnovation™Can’t attend the event live? No problem at all, because you will receive the replay afterwards! What’s more, it’s completely free! All information can be found here.

Learn how to raise capital successfully!