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We have co-working spaces in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. Here you will work on your growth alongside other ambitious start-ups. We know from experience that this group dynamic is contagious and that you can learn a lot from each other.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of registrations, it is not possible to provide everyone with feedback personally.

Do you have a pressing question about your enrollment? Feel free to contact us at!

Only a complete application will qualify you to pitch to our jury. Are you physically unable to attend due to a serious reason? Then one option is to show the pitch via video and do the Q&A via Skype.

Each start-up is assigned two mentors. With them you have a mandatory mentor meeting every two weeks. Here you determine the KPIs you want to achieve and discuss how you are doing. Your mentors will help you during the entire accelerator program with maintaining the right focus and building an international network. Mentors open up their network in function of the start-up.

We do not oblige anyone to work with a specific party. We strive to provide a quality offering at competitive prices for our start-ups. Through the accelerator program we offer special rates and packages thanks to our partners, such as competitive bank financing, a freelance CFO, accountancy, legal services and marketing support.

Yes. We are asking for 3% equity in exchange for the program and option to get 50K funding with a bullet loan. During the selection process there were several one-on-one moments to go over everything in detail. That way we can give you all the information you need.

Yes. We tailor the program to the needs of your start-up. At the beginning of the program you sit down with your start-up coach to create your personal program for the next 4 months. Most investors think it's important for a startup to participate in a program because they know it will give you the right support for exponential growth.

We are primarily looking for start-ups that have developed at least one MVP (minimum viable product), already have customers or users, and have some traction. At that stage, you can get the most out of our accelerator.

Some tips to get you started:

  • Be as complete as possible in your answers. Remember, we don't know your start-up.
  • Highlight very clearly what makes your startup unique.

By running the registration in two phases, we quickly get a good picture of the start-ups that register. This way we can optimally match the offer of our workshops during the accelerator. The preparations are already in full swing!

The second form gives us a clear picture of the motivation of the applications. Based on this, we will determine which 70 start-ups are eligible to pitch to our jury. Therefore it is very important to complete the file!

The selection for the accelerator takes place in a few steps. The first two steps are important to immediately create a clear picture of your start-up. You fill in two forms: one short, via Typeform, and one longer, via Survey Anyplace.

Afterwards we will let you know if you are selected to pitch in front of our jury. A total of 70 start-ups are invited to participate. After a week of judging, we invite the final 30 start-ups again, this time for due diligence where we dive a little deeper into your start-up to get the story clearer. This way we quickly find the ideal composition of your course during our program! From the 30 start-ups we finally select 10-15 that may join the Birdhouse accelerator program.

We believe in the power of a strong founding team with a proven track record, motivation and potential. We're looking for innovation, which doesn't mean you have to come up with an original solution. However, the execution must be unique and distinctive, because we want to create impact together with you. Finally, it's important that you have a running business with first-time or non-first-time customers and traction.

The program runs for four months. We ask that at least one founder make a full-time commitment to participate in the program. We expect you to be present as founder(s) during regular workshops and other times. You will always be informed about this in time, so that you can plan for it.

Are you an ambitious person and are you ready to turn your start-up into a fast-growing company? Then the accelerator of Birdhouse is the ideal step! Since 2016, we have been running successful accelerator programs where we have built an extensive mentor and partner network. This gives you access to the necessary expertise. We have also set up our own fund to support promising start-ups during and after the programme. Experience teaches us that start-ups see their turnover increase by an average of times 3 during the programme.

We are looking for start-ups that have the ambition to grow. The sector is of no importance to us. We have an open mind and our mentors have knowledge and experience in various fields.

However, there are three important things you need to comply with:

  1. You already have an MVP (minimum viable product),
  2. You have traction of customers and revenues
  3. You have a strong founding team of which at least one founder is full time committed to the program. (There are exceptions where we allow a start-up with one founder).

Yes, we treat every application with respect and in confidence. Your ideas are in safe hands and will not be copied, shared or distributed. After all, we are here to support entrepreneurs. For logistical reasons, we do not sign NDAs.

By keeping our services exclusive, we can guarantee the best quality. Fewer projects simply means more time and manpower per project. That's why, just like with the accelerator program, we organize a modest selection round to pick out the companies that best match our offer.