Workshop: Hack your Funding Process!

24 October 2019

Birdhouse Antwerpen
Rijnkaai 37
2000 Antwerpen

Workshop: Hack your Funding Process!

24 October 2019, 18u00

Raising capital is usually very time consuming for most startups. However, this does not apply to a Birdhouse alumnus, BeerSelect. In just two months, these entrepreneurs managed to raise as much as 1 million with the help of Birdhouse and BH Services. Together with
Niels Desot
they raised the necessary capital to start a brewery in record time.

How on earth did they manage to do that? During this workshop Niels Desot will share with you all the hacks that have accelerated the process . He also talks about his best practices when it comes to capital rounds.

About the speaker:

Niels Desot is CEO of Birdhouse Services, with a proven track record of guiding start-ups through capital rounds. He first tested his professional knowledge with one of the Big Four firms and then opened up his personal entrepreneurial horizon. Currently he is setting up an Investor Network & Academy to connect start-ups even faster to the right investors.


6 p.m.: Doors open – Reception with snacks and drinks
18:30: Workshop: Hack your Funding Process!
19h00: Q&A
19:15: Networking moment
20:30: End

Now that you’re here…
Before and after the workshop, meet the coaches, the start-ups and the Antwerp office of Birdhouse – maybe your new workplace! Find out how alumni experienced their time with us. And ask your pressing questions about the accelerator program during the Q&A!