Webinar: How to raise your first € 500K+

20 May 2020


Webinar: How to raise your first € 500K+

20 May 2020, 11:00

For those who want to grow exponentially with their startup, capital is almost a must. But the search for that growth money is usually not without a struggle. Carl Jacobs, who helped found foodtech start-up Apicbase in 2014, knows that too. Meanwhile, the Antwerp start-up has grown into a company with 35 employees, which has customers in 20 countries. Apicbase has a lot of sounding names, including big names like Lunch Garden and Foodmaker, but also star chefs like Viki Geunes.

In order to realize this growth, Jacobs raised over 2.5 million euros. He started working with the business angels of BAN Flanders, but also with Dutch VC fund Newion. He knows the capital landscape inside out, and therefore knows better than anyone the hurdles you have to take to get the money you need to grow. How do you begin your search? How do you know which parties are a good match? This is your chance to ask this start-up founder all your pressing questions about raising capital! Our own founder Jan-Willem Callebaut is the host.