Birdhouse Masterclass launches its first Finance Masterclass in mid-January. In this article we take a closer look at this Masterclass: what can you expect from the video lessons, who are the speakers and why is this Masterclass really something for you?

The Finance Masterclass is the first module of Birdhouse Masterclass.

Within the cohorts of the Birdhouse Accelerator, we have noticed that many start-ups continue to struggle with various financial aspects, such as creating a financial plan, determining the relevant funding mix and developing a fundraising strategy. That’s why at Birdhouse Masterclass we’ve brought together some of the best entrepreneurs to teach you all the tricks of the trade.

What topics are covered?

Finance consists of two main areas. On the one hand you have the financial management of your own company, but on the other hand you also have to realize the necessary (external) financing if there is a cash flow shortage. You can apply to investment funds and business angels, but the government can also help you with subsidies.

In the Finance module of Birdhouse Masterclass you will learn to draw up a comprehensive financial plan by zooming in on strategy and costs, as well as revenue and funding mix. You will also get insights in how to raise fresh capital and whether your company is eligible for a subsidy from the Flemish government.

As a bonus, there are not only the video lessons, but also panel discussions between captains of industry, moderated by bright minds!

Who are the speakers?

Many successful entrepreneurs, experts and experts will participate in the Finance Master Class, but also leading partners from the investment side will be happy to help you with your start-up.

The speakers are:

Vincent Jocquet, Franke Maene, Matthias Browaeys and Hendrik Winkelmans are speakers in the Finance Masterclass at Birdhouse Masterclass.
  • Vincent Jocquet is the CFO of the technology company Sentiance. In his Birdhouse Masterclass, he will explain how to generate more revenue with less expense.
  • Frank Maene is from the investment side of things. As a partner of Volta Ventures he knows better than anyone what investors need to be convinced by a start-up.
  • Matthias Browaeys is known from the VTM 2 series Jonge Wolven and founder of the platform WinWinner and consultancy firm The Harbour. He will explain everything about alternative forms of financing.
  • Hendrik Winkelmans is the founder of Fiets! and in seven years’ time he has built up the largest chain of bicycle shops in the Benelux countries. He is happy to share the insights he gained there during his Master Class on cash & finmix.
Renaat Berckmoes, Iris Detavernier, Pieterjan Bouten and Niels Peetermans are speakers at the Birdhouse Masterclass on Finance.
  • Renaat Berckmoes is one of the founding partners of investment fund Fortino Capital. In his video, he’ll show you the do’s-and-don’ts for raising fresh capital.
  • Iris Detavernier is a business consultant at the public company VLAIO. She will explain how to turn your grant story into a success story.
  • Pieterjan Bouten is the co-founder of the rapidly growing company Showpad. He will show you the way in preparing your term sheet.
  • Niels Peetermans is the co-founder of food supplement company Qallo and growth agency Atlasnine. In 2017, he also co-founded the sharing car platform Poppy Mobility. In his Birdhouse Masterclass, Niels will talk about how to create a strategy and estimate your turnover.
Davy Kestens, Carl Jacobs, Wout Meuleman and Aelbrecht Van Damme are speakers in the Finance Masterclass at Birdhouse Masterclass.
  • Davy Kestens is a serial entrepreneur and founder of the banking app Cake. Among other things, he will teach you how to create the perfect pitch deck for your start-up.
  • Carl Jacobs is the CEO of software developer APICBASE. He will engage in a panel discussion with Hendrik Winkelmans about the financial plan and attracting venture capital. The panel discussion will be moderated by Niels Peetermans.
  • Wout Meuleman is the founder of BeerSelect brewery. He will also enter into a panel discussion with Hendrik Winkelmans. This panel discussion will be moderated by Aelbrecht Van Damme, also known from the VTM 2 programme Young Wolves. He is the co-founder of WinWinner and the founder of The Harbour. Here we will mainly focus on alternative sources of funding.

Do you want to learn everything about start-up finance from these experts? Register now for the Finance Masterclass!

Sotwelve top entrepreneurs are ready to give you the online ride of your life. They all share their unique stories and focus on key areas of concern. This will increase your chances of growing your business faster.

After the Birdhouse Masterclass your backpack will be full of knowledge and you will be ready to take your start-up to the next level.

What material are you getting?

Besides the video lessons, Birdhouse Masterclass will also provide you with didactic material. For example, finance checklists are available and there are e-books that you can continue to consult even after the video lessons. In addition, certain video lessons are also accompanied by on-topic material, such as a Profit and Loss template (P&L template) to keep track of your startup’s income and expenses.

Do you want to learn everything about start-up finance from these experts? Register now for the Finance Masterclass!

Learn all about finance and funding!