Maybe you’ve already noticed: Birdhouse has a new website! With our new digital home, we are ready for the next decade and we can even better communicate what Birdhouse stands for: supporting start-ups in explosive growth!

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Besides the new look, we’ve also taken care of the structure of our website. It’s now even easier to navigate through the information on our accelerator and the and get to know us
. For a solid portion of inspiration, navigate to
, our knowledge base for start-ups. Here you will find essential tips & tricks for you as a start-up entrepreneur.

Success stories

We also proudly present our
success stories
. Here you get a genuine look behind the scenes of successful participants of our accelerator. But no matter how well they do, they too run into the well-known hurdles. That’s how Contractify changed changed its business model three times already changed its business model three times in its short life. In all our success stories you can read how start-ups overcome their biggest challenges. Instructive!


Last, but definitely not least:
Birdhouse Services
! As an agency, this Birdhouse branch offers hands-on support in the field of finance and marketing, and is ready to serve all start-ups in Belgium. So also for the start-ups that do not participate in our accelerator!

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As with any new house, ours may need some work. Do you see things about the website that could be better? Or do you have any brilliant ideas?
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