It’s almost here. On January 13, 2021, we launch Birdhouse Masterclass, the video course for ambitious startups! From that moment on , we share our unique expertise and network online. You will learn all about the most relevant start-up topics, from drafting a watertight financial plan to formulating targeted marketing goals and attracting talent. This know-how is provided by founders and experts who have proven themselves in the world for a long time! Sign up to stay informed about Birdhouse Masterclass.

Do you have a great idea for your own start-up? Or have you already taken that step, but are you ready for a growth acceleration? Then there’s nowhere better than the brand new Birdhouse Masterclass. The video lessons are always short, clear and to the point. Follow them wherever and whenever you want, and take big steps towards explosive growth.

Relevant start-up topics

The series of Birdhouse Masterclasses highlight the topics that every start-up has to deal with. For example, you can start right away with our Finance Masterclass at the launch on 13 January. With this you will learn how to put your financial house in order, draw up a financial plan and how to attract the right investors to help your start-up grow.

In the spring of 2021, we will launch the Marketing Masterclass and the Talent Masterclass. The first one is all about setting up a decent marketing plan and executing your first successful campaigns. In the second, you’ll learn all about attracting talent and building a cohesive, unbeatable team.

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Essential lessons from experts

You follow video lessons from real experience experts: Belgian entrepreneurs who are obsessed with explosive growth and have already created successful start-ups themselves. They give you useful insights, practical tips and share their own learnings so you don’t make the same mistakes they made along the way. The ideal tutors! By the way, the lessons are entirely in Dutch.

For all start-ups

Birdhouse Masterclass is available for all start-ups in Flanders. So you don’t have to go through our accelerator program first before you can start with the video lessons. Conversely, our accelerator is a perfect follow-up of everything you learned during the Masterclass.

Birdhouse Masterclass was created in collaboration with VLAIO (Agency for Innovation and Enterprise). Like Birdhouse, VLAIO supports ambitious entrepreneurs in the growth of their business.
Together for #strongentrepreneurship.

Birdhouse Masterclass launches on January 13, 2021. Do you want to be the first?