Birdhouse had already taken measures in connection with the new coronavirus, but is now taking extra steps. Starting tomorrow, the internal team of Birdhouse will work from home. To our start-ups and alumni who stay in our offices, we encourage them to do the same. We also postpone meetings and talks. As an organisation that encourages entrepreneurs, we see it as our responsibility not to wait and see, but to act and take action. We hope that other companies will also take a critical look at how they operate.

Thanks to today’s technology and tools, such as Slack and Zoom, we see no reason why working from home should be a problem. We find it a correct decision to temporarily continue building our accelerator from home. Working from home is not obvious for every company, but in the case of Birdhouse, it is no problem at all. We hope that other companies will also take a critical look at their operations and ask themselves whether working from home is the right choice for them. We want everyone to be able to continue building our accelerator in comfort and without panic.

Our accelerator has already taken measures in response to the corona outbreak. For example, we asked our own employees who had gone on international trips to work from home for at least one week. We had urged our start-ups and alumni staying in our co-working spaces to follow the same measures. We hope that the situation will normalize soon and we can start working again with full enthusiasm from our Birdhouse offices!