If you look at our current participants and alumni, you will notice that the balance between male and female founders is not yet optimal. However, female founders easily find their way to our accelerator. But although a lot of female founders always sign up for the accelerator, they tend to get left out during the selection rounds.

Why is that? Our accelerator program requires some level of maturity and scalability of your startup – and just that aspect seems to be lacking in many female entrepreneurs who apply to our program. But that maturity is exactly what is needed to get the most out of our accelerator. That’s why Birdhouse is teaming up with TRAVAK Business School for a unique track that focuses on Birdhouse candidates. This track is the ideal pre-program for our accelerator.

Lien De Pau TRAVAK
Lien De Pau, Founder of TRAVAK Business School

In eleven weeks’ time, Lien De Pau, the inspirer of TRAVAK Business School, will teach you the ropes of the entrepreneurial profession, together with a host of experts. You will learn how to give your start-up the maturity and scalability you need so that your business can grow like never before. Moreover, every expert who speaks to you is a small business owner himself, who understands better than anyone the difficulties you are experiencing.

The online route consists of 6 modules, ranging from pricing to social media strategies. The first three modules are about creating a product and/or offering, in the last three you learn to market that product in a scalable and automated way. You will have access to TRAVAK’s online learning platform for a whole year and you will receive practical workbooks with assignments that will help you and your business move forward.

At the end of the ride, you’ll be a lot wiser and you’ll know what actions you need to take to take your start-up to the next level!

Are you a female founder who wants to participate in the Birdhouse accelerator, but you doubt whether your start-up is mature enough? Check out the full program of the Birdhouse x TRAVAK Business School track here! Registration is possible until 31 March.